Shun Sasaki Photography

SHUN SASAKI has a cinema and photography background and the degree of B.A. from Southern Illinois University in the US.
He have won 5th Avant Guardian Award from Surface magazine in 2002 and had opportunities to show his work in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angels.
He has featured in an exhibition “Art/Fashion” in Berlin in 2003.
A nonprofit organization has supported him who is willing to showcase the situations of children and youths in Asia, and he was dispatched abroad from Japan to capture their activities in Cambodia in 2008. Then, SHUN has featured in Marie Claire Japan in the next year.
In 2009, His first directed moving visual is discovered at『MAGICAL MOVIE COMPETITION 』.
Also, the talented artwork is invited to DOTMOV Festival 2009 and will be exposed on a tour of shows in Japan as well as in other countries.
Currently working on multidisciplinary approaches to making commercial and creative contents.

2002年、US雑誌 Surface Magazineの”5th Avant Guardian Award”受賞し、New York, San Francisco,Los AngelsにてExhibition tourを開催。
2004年、NYにて本格的にフォトグラファーとしての活動始動。 以降NYと東京を拠点に広告・雑誌等で活動。
近年は特にBeautyに力を入れながら雑誌・広告にて活動する傍ら、震災復興支援やParis Photoへの参加等、国内外のマーケットにおいて活動を広げ続けている。

-Exhibition&Contribution to Society-
2003年 GROUP EXHIBITION ”ART AND FASHION” in Berlin, Germany.
2008年 カンボジアでのヘンケルジャパンシュワルツコフ プロフェッショナル事業本部の社会貢献活動 ”未来をつなぐ夢はさみ”に参加。
2009年 アジアの子供達の今を写した写真展”共に成長するために”『主催:国境なき子どもたち(KnK)』に参加
2011年 東日本大震災 JEEP(クライスラー)の社会貢献プロジェクト「JEEP RELIEF」参加
<span style=”padding-left: 42px;”>Paris Photo参加</span>
2012年 Paris Photo参加
2013年 The 11th International Festival of Fashion Photography and Beauty at Cannes参加